Create a Draft Sheet by Tweaking Fantasy Football Expert Rankings

If you're looking for fantasy football expert rankings I'd like to show you how to easily create a draft sheet of your own. This site outlines five ranking methods: creating fantasy football rankings by tweaking an existing expert fantasy draft sheet, player history method, gut feel method, average fantasy points method, and league to team to player statistics method. This article details creating a draft sheet based on expert fantasy football rankings from one, two, or three fantasy resources that you trust.

The tweak fantasy football expert rankings method utilizes position by position draft sheets from one to three fantasy football information sites. There are two ways to create a draft sheet based on information and data contained in expert fantasy football rankings. The best way is to find a fantasy resource that allows you to customize draft sheets based on your league's scoring system. There are several premium fantasy football services that
provide a customization option. I believe there are also a couple free services that provide draft sheet customization as well. Your other option is to bypass the customization and just find expert fantasy draft sheets that are based on a scoring system very similar to your fantasy football league's scoring rules.

I highly recommend comparing fantasy football expert rankings or customized draft sheets from two or three different fantasy football services. Then you can decide which list or expert fantasy draft sheet you trust the most, or you can do an average of all the lists. Once you have a set of expert fantasy football rankings that you are comfortable with you can start the process of tweaking the rankings based on several factors outlined in other articles on this site. See the fantasy football draft cheat sheet article listed further below for links to the "tweak your rankings" articles.

I don't like relying solely on fantasy football expert rankings because you usually have no idea how they came up with the rankings and fantasy point projections. Did they quick slap something together based on gut feel or do they have a proven system that takes into consideration off-season changes, strength of schedule, and trends over the last few years? If an expert fantasy football site has an article section, scan through the headlines and look for anything pertaining to projecting stats or creating a draft sheet. Read those articles. Many times the site will describe their preferred method of projecting fantasy football stats. Those articles will help you decide whether you trust the fantasy football expert rankings that you have taken from their site.

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